Sustain Greenville Bicycle Rack Design Contest

The bike racks are now in place and can be used!


The winning submissions are:

North Greenville Elementary School winner: Alaina Wincentsen. Bike rack is now placed at The Twist.

Greenville Elementary School winner: Cassandera Cruz.  Bike rack is now placed at GES.

Greenville Middle School winner: Vinessa Verheyen.  Bike rack is now placed at GMS.



Cassandera Cruz at GES
Alaina Wincentsen at The Twist

Bike Racks installed on Town Property: (previously)

Two artistically and functional bike racks have been installed at the Town Hall and at Community park. The project was funded by Sustain Greenville, using the skill of faculty and students at FTVC-Oshkosh. It is hoped that more bike racks can be built and located on town properties and even private business, if the right conditions can be fostered. Below are a few photos of the bike racks.

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